EricI am Eric Anderson. I live in the Nashville, TN area with my wife and son. I started my career using VB.NET and later expanded to include C#. I have developed applications that range from agribusiness to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for use by the military.

I spent the first nine years of my career as what Scott Hanselman refers to as a dark matter developer. I hope you will join me as I blog about my experiences in expanding past my dark matter origins by learning new languages, technologies and becoming part of the rich development community that Nashville has to offer.

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  1. Really enjoy your articles. Couple requests on this site, any way to list ALL ARTICLES by title only or just have a category that lists all articles? Second can you add a category for Blazor, which would love if you add more of what you learn from it!

    1. Thank you, Will! The Blazor category has been added. I don’t currently have a way to list all articles by title. I will have to do some research and see what if there is a way to create a page that lists all post titles.

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