Summer Ramblings

Welcome to the summer edition of ramblings. I tend to do this type of post once a quarter so I have added a ramblings category to keep them better separated from my normal tech style posts.


COVID-19 is still raging across the world. Here in the United States, the case count seems to be growing at a faster and faster rate as the push for reopening continues. Keep in mind I’m writing this in mid-July so things may have changed drastically by the time this publishes. We have multiple at-risk family members and the longer this goes on the more the stress of builds up. I’m sure that is true for most people. All we can do is to continue to be as safe as we can and hope others are doing the same.

Working from home

Working from home continues to go well. I do miss the random interactions of the office and have a much more limited set of people I interact with on a daily basis mostly based on what project I’m working on. I think this has added to my feelings of isolation. I would say my interactions these days are 80% to 90% Microsoft Teams based with the remaining being Zoom. It is amazing to me how much Teams have changed since this pandemic started, especially the video features. I highly recommend giving Teams a shot if you haven’t before.

The lack of a commute is still the best part of working from home. I also tend to get more focus time than I do in the office. It seems people are more likely to schedule a meeting for something vs just popping in.


Not a lot has changed on the blogging front since the Spring Ramblings post. Posts have continued to be focused around Azure DevOps with a little bit of GitHub Actions mixed in. I want to get back to more programming topics. .NET 5 is fast approaching and I need to dig in and see if I can find some topics there. I have also been kicking around giving Python a shot and if I do I’m sure I will end up with some post from that.

Wrapping Up

Here’s to hoping by the time I do another post like this will thing have improved. Thanks for reading!

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