Five Years of Blogging

Today is the fifth anniversary of my first post on this site. As I do every year at this time this post is going to be a look back over the last year as it related to this blog plus some overall information since the five year mark is a big one.

Positives from Blogging

Most of my positive points are the same over the years.

  • Drives my personal learning
  • Opportunity to try technology outside of my day job
  • Helping you all learn new things and/or overcome problems
  • Comments from you all when you find something useful

Challenges from Blogging

Most of the challenges are the same year over year as well.

  • Learning on a deadline
  • Self-applied pressure to post consistently
  • Focusing too much on results (stats, comments, etc.)
    • Much harder this year since the growth of the site has slowed
  • Picking the right topics
  • Time requirements

Top posts of the last year

Top post from the last five years

The next year

This year we have .NET 5 to look forward to which should bring with it client-side Blazor. I haven’t heard much about what else will be in .NET 5, but I’m sure it will be some exciting stuff.

Random Status from the last 5 years

264 posts (meeting the goal of one post per week)
1,158,797 spam comments blocked by Akismet
2 hosting companies (Nodehost rocks!)
101 books read (last 3 years)
6 books purchased from referral links
Peek page views in July 2018
Peek yearly page views in 2019

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