Welcome to 2019

Last year I did a Welcome to 2018 post due to a technical issue with my blog. This year I wanted to do the same type of post unprompted by technical issues. So to welcome 2019 let us do a little review of 2018 of the things that provided me value.


ASP.NET Weekly
Dev Tips Weekly
Shawn Wildermuth


I use these podcast to make sure I have a good pulse on the industry even and go deeper when a topic really sounds like something I want to dig into. My commute would be wasted time without these podcasts.

Software Related

.NET Rocks!
Complete Developer Podcast
Developer on Fire
Software Engineering Daily




Gary Vee

Books Read in 2018

Like last year I pulled heavily from  John Sonmez’s book reviews playlist as well as some read suggestions from last year. You will notice there are more fiction books this year. I’m playing with my learn something vs entertainment ratio to see if I can help with my stress level. Without further ado here is the list.


From Zero to Thousands of Target Blog Subscribers in 60 Days

Personal Development

The 5 Second Rule
Algorithms to Live By
As a Man Thinketh
Be Obsessed Or Be Average
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
The Compound Effect
The New Kingmakers
The Power of Now
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Slipstream Time Hacking
So Good They Can’t Ignore You
Stop Being Lazy
The Subtle Are of Not Giving a F*ck
Wait, What?
Willpower Doesn’t Work
Your One Word


Crushing It!
The E-Myth Revisited
Zero to One


The Fellowship of the Ring
Fight Club
The Hobbit
The Sword of Shannara Trilogy
What If?


The Plant Paradox


Clean Architecture
Curious Moon
Modern API Design with ASP.NET Core 2
Writing High-Performance .NET Code

Top Picks

The Compound Effect is my number one pick from this year’s books. It really brings home the fact that the little thing you do can have huge effects on your life. It was also through this that I found Darren Daily which is basically free daily mentoring by Darren Hardy the book’s author. Check it out it is how I start every weekday.

Willpower Doesn’t Work did an awesome job of explaining willpower vs our environments. Our environments are where we need to make changes to truly set ourselves up for success.

Principles by Ray Dailo round out my top 3 for the year. This book is a great look into how Ray runs his life and how he ran his business. I have never seen someone as successful as Ray lay everything our as he did it this book.

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